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Pescado (spanish word for fish) and Arroz (rice)

The food in Panama is full of the fresh and island inspired dishes you would expect. Tropical fruits, vegetables thrive in this environment and you can expect incredible fresh catches coming in every day.

Grains like rice and fruits such as plantains are plentiful. You will see many dishes utilizing these ingredients often, such as Patecones; which are fried plantains. Coconut rice is common as well as mangos and other tropical fruits.

Fresh fish is cooked and served many different ways, usually grilled or fried and with rice.  Traditional Kuna Yala cuisine consists of wh Foodat was caught that day (fish, crab or lobster) and served with rice, beans and stewed vegetables.

It would be impossible to talk about the food of Panama and not talk about empanadas. These savory dough pockets are filled with meats or fruits and then baked for an amazing treat. We recommend trying one right away.



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